Special Offers.

£ 99.00 +delivery and VAT

Aluminum flagpole
5M height
White powder coated finish
Complete with halyard, cleat and white truck top
Includes 5ft x3ft Printed St George or Union flag
Optional quality sewn 1.5 yard Union Jack flag extra £34.00
or quality sewn St George extra £18.00

Customer Testimonials

Blyth Hall Flagpole, Newport.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you, and your colleagues for carrying out the task professionally, skilfully efficiently and most importantly, safely, during difficult times for the entire country.

I shall send photos of the completed job for inclusion in you portfolio.

Many thanks

(Fife, Council)

Flags Without Consent

Flying The Flag.

The Flag Institute has welcomed the announcement by the British Government at the beginning of April that five new types of flags are now permitted to be flown, without requiring planning consent in England.

Coming into force on 6th April 2007, the regulations (The Town and Country Planning) (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007, Statutory Instrument 2007/783 now permit the display of:

Any country’s national flag,
The flag of the Commonwealth,
The United Nations or the European Union,
he flag of any English county,
he flag of any Saint,

without requiring either express or deemed consent.

Specific conditions apply, in that it is not permissible for anything else to be displayed on either the flag or the flagstaff.  Moreover, a saint’s flag may only be displayed with the county with which he or she is associated.

There are also a number of general conditions which apply to the display of flags, covering such matters as permission from the land owner, that the flag is not permitted to obscure any traffic signs or other navigational aids, speed cameras, or surveillance cameras, that it must be properly maintained so as not to cause danger to the public and that it does not “impair the visual amenity” of the site on which it is located.

The new regulations apply in England only.  Separate regulations apply in Northern Ireland, in Scotland and in Wales.

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Did you know !!!
Proposals to make it easier for people to fly flags of their choice without facing costly restrictions and red tape have been announced by the Department for Communities and Local Government. The aim is to allow a much wider range of flags to be flown without the need for planning permission. Under current arrangements only a select few flags are allowed to be flown without express permission from planning officials.