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£ 99.00 +delivery and VAT

Aluminum flagpole
5M height
White powder coated finish
Complete with halyard, cleat and white truck top
Includes 5ft x3ft Printed St George or Union flag
Optional quality sewn 1.5 yard Union Jack flag extra £34.00
or quality sewn St George extra £18.00

Customer Testimonials

Blyth Hall Flagpole, Newport.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you, and your colleagues for carrying out the task professionally, skilfully efficiently and most importantly, safely, during difficult times for the entire country.

I shall send photos of the completed job for inclusion in you portfolio.

Many thanks

(Fife, Council)

Flag Poles
Windsock Poles

Windsock poles are made from high strength fibreglass reinforcement and specially selected polyester resin and colour pigment. This ensures only minimum maintenance is required.
Windsock poles are available at short notice in various sizes, all designed to conform to wind-loadings as set out in the British code of practice CP3, subject to special site conditions.
Galvanized steel hinged baseplate assembly specially designed for easy lowering of windsock pole with the minimum of effort.
Stainless steel windsock top fitment and arm for ease of use and maintenance free operation.

Windsock Poles

Windsock poles can be fabricated, heavy duty tapered, fibreglass windsock poles complete with stainless steel rotating arm, standard length 300mm outreach arm which is suitable for 2ft and 4ft windsocks. Larger rotating arms are manufactured to suit individual windsocks, usually made in fluorescent polyurethane coated nylon material. We can also manufacture any windsock for MOD specification in Hypalon. Standard made with a four-way cord harness with swivel snap hook but we recommend larger windsocks have a stainless steel four-way wire harness.

Stainless Steel rotating windsock arm Windsock pole Close up Windsock
 Stainless Steel rotating windsock arm  Windsock pole  Close up Windsock
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Did You Know!

A windsock is a conical textile tube (which resembles a giant sock, hence its name) designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. Windsocks typically are used at airports and at chemical plants where there is risk of gaseous leakage. They are sometimes located alongside highways at windy locations.
Wind direction is the opposite of the direction in which the windsock is pointing (note that wind directions are conventionally specified as being the compass point from which the wind originates; so a windsock pointing due north indicates a southerly wind). Windspeed is indicated by the windsock’s angle relative to the mounting pole; in low winds, the windsock droops; in high winds it flies horizontally.