Special Offers.

£ 99.00 +delivery and VAT

Aluminum flagpole
5M height
White powder coated finish
Complete with halyard, cleat and white truck top
Includes 5ft x3ft Printed St George or Union flag
Optional quality sewn 1.5 yard Union Jack flag extra £34.00
or quality sewn St George extra £18.00

Customer Testimonials

Blyth Hall Flagpole, Newport.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you, and your colleagues for carrying out the task professionally, skilfully efficiently and most importantly, safely, during difficult times for the entire country.

I shall send photos of the completed job for inclusion in you portfolio.

Many thanks

(Fife, Council)

Ground Mounted Flag Poles

British manufactured flag poles in our own factory here in Wales.

Quality, tapered fibreglass flag poles from selected resins and pigments.

All heights from 4M to 30M.  High rigidity with minimum maintenance.

Choice of flag pole bases, sleeve, hinged or traditional tabernacle.

Flag poles come complete with halyards and choice of colour for top.

Optional internal halyard system to minimize flag theft with any style.

Flag size supplied to suit flagpole height.

Ground Mounted Flag Poles outside Ecel in London
Simon taking a rest after installing six flag poles outside the Excel in our capital city London.
Ground Mounted Flag Poles Stainless-Steel-Flagpole in city centre
 Stainless-Steel-Flagpoles in city centre.
MOD Office Install. MOD Office Fife
These are 22m grey flagpoles,
Standing tall outside
The MOD Office.
Two of our team installing
the base for these
25m flagpoles.
Flagpoles and flags flying high Flagpole and flag outside in our car park
Three of our flagpoles
flying our country’s
Flagpole and flag outside a
car park, flying
high for the world to see
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Did you know !!!
Since 2011, the tallest free-standing flagpole in the world has been the Dushanbe Flagpole in Tajikistan, with a height of 165 m (541 ft),  beating the formerly record holding National Flagpole in Azerbaijan (size: 162 m; 532 ft) and the North Korean flag at Kijŏng-dong (size: 160 m; 525 ft).  The tallest flagpole in the United Kingdom from 1959 until 2013 stood in Kew Gardens. It was made from a Canadian Douglas-fir tree and was 68.5 m (225 ft) in height