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£ 99.00 +delivery and VAT

Aluminum flagpole
5M height
White powder coated finish
Complete with halyard, cleat and white truck top
Includes 5ft x3ft Printed St George or Union flag
Optional quality sewn 1.5 yard Union Jack flag extra £34.00
or quality sewn St George extra £18.00

Customer Testimonials

Blyth Hall Flagpole, Newport.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you, and your colleagues for carrying out the task professionally, skilfully efficiently and most importantly, safely, during difficult times for the entire country.

I shall send photos of the completed job for inclusion in you portfolio.

Many thanks

(Fife, Council)

Flying Our Flags

With Plymol Flagpoles

Occasions Date Flags to Fly
Australia Day January 26th

Accession of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II February 6th

Flying Our Flags UK

New Zealand Commonwealth Day February 8th

Birthday of Prince Andrew February 19th

St David’s Day March 1st

Commonwealth Day 2nd Sunday in March

Birthday of Prince Edward March 10th

St Patrick’s Day March 17th

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II April 21st

St Georges Day April 23rd

Europa Day May 5th

Coronation Day June 2nd

Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh June 10th

Official Birthday of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II June 12th

Birthday of Prince William June 21st

Canadian Dominion Day July 1st

Birthday of Princess Anne August 15th

Anniversary of Princess Diana’s Death August 31st

Birthday of Prince Harry September 15th

Trafalgar Day October 21st

United Nations Day October 24th

Remembrance Day November 11th

Birthday of Prince of Wales November 14th

Wedding of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II November 20th

St Andrews Day November 30th

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Did you know !!!
Every country’s flag is a quadrilateral except for Nepal’s flag. It is shaped like two stacked triangles, representing the Himalaya Mountains and the two religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The sun and moon represent the hope that the country will live as long as these celestial bodies. (Znamierowski)
Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only two countries with square flags.
Libya’s flag is entirely green, representing Islam. It has no other colors or designs, making it the only flag like it in the world.
Bhutan’s flag has a dragon on it. It is called the Thunder Dragon, which is the symbol of the nation. Kenya’s flag has a shield on it, representing the courage of the Masai warriors. The flag of Cyprus has an outline of the country on it. Cambodia’s flag has Angkor Wat on it, a popular historical attraction.